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Ring Closeup



If you don't have a Ring

1: Take a thin piece of paper, string or thread and Wrap such piece of paper around your finger

2: Mark the meeting point of such paper with pencil

56.5 mm

3: Measure the length with the ruler and map the measurement to the ring size displayed in the size chart

Size for Measurement

If you have a Ring

1. Grab a ring you already own that fits the ring finger on your left hand and place it against a ruler.
2. Measure the inner diameter of the ring and compare the measurement to the size guide.



3. Place the ring directly on top of the ring images to find a matching diameter and ring size that lines up perfectly.

Following this chart, you can determine the size of the ring using inner diameter 

*The measurement of Length is in millimeter as per Legal Mestrology Act, 2009.

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